Spirit of the Times


You’re an architect. You read Keats. You want to look sophisticated AND chic?

 You don’t have to wear round frames any more (but we have them too). Check out these frame lines and find your Zeitgeist:

Chrome Hearts

Jewelry for the “rebel without a cause” set; the eyewear sets you apart in a very fine way.


Los Angeles based. Dita frames are best described as “classic with an edge.” Exquisitely designed, with some frames consisting of up to 41 custom handcrafted parts.


Some say, glasses have to be technically perfect, and they are right. Others say, glasses have to be fashionable, trendy, cool, stylish and chic. Of course, that is also correct!


Kawasaki, an award-winning industrial designer, has approached his signature collection with an artist’s mind for creative design and a mathematician’s mind for precision. His screw-less, three-point tension mounted frames, made with beta titanium, are durable, light weight, and set a new standard for rimless frame design.


Ask many of today’s celebrity style icons what their favorite brand of eyewear is and there is a good chance that they will say, “Lunor.” The luxury eyewear collection from Germany has been fully embraced by the cognoscenti in Hollywood, New York and everywhere in between. For these people, Lunor is not just an accessory; it’s an essential element of their signature look and fashion identity.


MunicEyeWear offers various design-concepts to the various fashion-trends and their target groups. From very fine to broad-rimmed frames in acetate, stainless steel or titanium. Just a casual, simple, precious design. In addition to the styles RETRO, VINTAGE and SIMPLICITY, there is our innovative design concept with a simple but brilliant idea: TwinStyle.


Light, yet extremely durable.  No screws, no solder joints.  Anodized metal. Precision German design in zyl, metal and nylon.


Synonymous with intrinsic class and elegance, Persol has been a symbol of the Italian eyewear industry in the world for more than 90 years.

Robert Marc

Robert Marc Collection eyewear launched in 1999, for which Vogue magazine announced, “Robert makes his Marc.” Over the years, Robert’s designs have been featured in countless luxury, lifestyle, fashion and news publications.

Robi Horn

GOT fine automobile, beautiful timepiece, custom suit and shirts, the finest shoes? GET buffalo horn.  Enough said.


Fresh, contemporary interpretations intended to” please the eyewear aspirant” with an intellectual perception of fashion. Celebrate the inner trendsetter in you!


NEW! Inspired by the ancient traditions of Yoga and meditation. Luxury eyewear. You may already own a Shamballa bracelet. Now take a look at the eyewear.

Thom Browne

You’re riding your motor bike through the English countryside. You stop at a roadside café in Ipswich. You will not forget your Tom Browne eyewear on the table when you leave. One of today’s most influential menswear designers now crafting eyewear.

Tom Davies / Tom Davies Bespoke

Frames made to YOUR exacting standards. Color, style, size!  Want a certain look? You can participate in the design!  Had trouble finding a pair that fit? Try “Perfect” for you!