Far-sightedness. What does 20/20 vision mean? Well, 20 feet is optical infinity. If you’ve taken physics, you understand. If not, here’s a simplified explanation of how the eye works. Our eyes are supposed to be relaxed, not-focusing, to see an object that we’re viewing 20 feet and beyond our position. Humans should be able to see an object about 9mm tall at 20 feet … that’s 20/20 vision. Far-sighted people who see a 20/20 letter on an eye chart do so with their eyes focusing. They’re not relaxed. Now, we all have to focus more and more to clear objects coming closer and closer to us, like an auto focus camera.

Therefore, far-sighted people have to focus more and work harder to look at their phones or at their computers. They sometimes require reading glasses for school or work at a younger age. Far-sightedness not corrected can cause reading strain in children, and can be a reason for poor academic performance. While we perform child eye exams at OPTIK, if you’re concerned about your pre-school aged child, we can help you find a pediatric eye specialist.