Just inside the pupil sits an oval-shaped, clear protein-based lens. It’s quite resilient in its youth, and since it’s responsible for focusing, young people can focus on objects close to their eyes. That resiliency lessens with age, and so does our focusing ability. By about age 45, sometimes sooner, people need focusing help. That’s when reading glasses come into our lives. It’s our destiny. The presbyopic prescription is the power added to any distance prescription to help us read. Near-sighted people of certain prescriptions start to remove their glasses to read, but the rest of us need readers. Cheater-readers, or over-the-counter readers, are not necessarily bad for your eyes, but they’re not measured to your papillary distance, and can be of poor quality, which can cause strain.

If you’re experiencing reading strain at any age you should get an eye exam. At OPTIK, we have over-the-counter readers too, like EyeBobs, but nothing beats custom measured prescription readers with anti-glare and blue-block tints for the best all-day visual comfort on the computer.